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Family History

A guide to researching family history at the Chicago History Museum's Research Center

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There is no central repository for Chicago cemetery records. For a Catholic cemetery, use this form to request an internment search from the Archdiocese of Chicago. You may also visit a Catholic cemetery and use a self-serve kiosk.

Cook County Cemetery.

This cemetery served many institutions in Cook County including poor houses and psychiatric institutions. 

Other sources

Find A Grave compiles information from grave markers across the world.

The Illinois Gravestone Project collects images of gravestones throughout the state. Lists are divided by county, see Cook County to find images from cemeteries in Chicago. 

Ancestry's U.S. Cemetery and Funeral Home collection, 1847-Current is a continuously updated source that collects online records. Using this collection may require an account. 

Church Listings

Browse the Collection categories in the Newberry Library's Categories include Episcopalian Churches, Evangelical Churches, Lutheran Churches, etc. Listings provide locations of churches and information on any holdings the Newberry has on each church.

The Archdiocese of Chicago's Archival Collection

Mostly 20th Century with limited amount of older records.